Dewey’s Read-a-Thon Spring 2016

2:30 PM
The Read-a-Thon is over! I’ve spend the last half hour hugging my husband who missed teasing me during the last 24 hours (isn’t he cute? ;)).

I read three books and to graphic novels during the Read-a-Thon. I hoped to read a bit more but on the other hand I enjoyed my pile very much this time and isn’t that more important than the number of books?

I hope you enjoyed the Read-a-Thon as well 🙂

12:12 AM
It’s the final countdown… less than two hours left. I’ll grab some lunch and then finish ‘Good Wives’. After that I’ll start on reading ‘Aristotle and …’. My other cat has just joined me on the couch… very nice to have a reading buddy 😉

Are you having fun?

7 AM
I woke early and read Saga 4 + 5 before I got out of bed. Now it’s time for breakfast and surfing af bit on other book blogs.

How are you doing? Got some sleep or have you read all night?

kat11:40 PM
Argh – I suddenly got very sleepy! I think I’ll grab my book and Saga 4 and go to bed. Will read a bit before I fall asleep.

Hope you’re having a wonderful Read-a-Thon!

good wives

9:35 PM
I’m taking a short break. I finished ‘The Princess and the Goblin’ with a big smile – what a lovely story! Absolutely the best book I’ve read during a Read-a-Thon so far. I’ve also started on my third book, ‘Good Wives’. And… ehm… I’ve eaten a couple of pancakes… and a glass of rhubarb juice… hey, it’s Read-a-Thon, it’s allowed! 😀

the princess and the goblin

6:20 PM
Having a short break from the reading since we’re going to eat dinner very soon. I’m enjoying ‘The Princess and the Goblin’ very much – funny and cute book!

How is your Read-a-Thon so far?

4:22 PM
I’ve finished the first book, ‘The Guest Cat’. One of our cats joined me in the living room while reading so when I’ve spent a couple of minutes checking out what other people are reading right now, I’ll go back and pet her on the head before I’ll start on the next book, ‘The Princess and the Goblin’.

the guest cat

Finally! It’s the 23th of April and that means it’s time for Dewey’s Read-a-Thon Spring 2016! At 2 PM the event starts, and I’m looking forward to read a lot of books and encourage other participants during the 24 hours event.

My TBR pile is ready and so am I! During the next couple of hours I’ll do some cleaning and buy groceries and then… then it’s time for reading, lot’s of reading!

I’ll start with the book in the picture, ‘The Guest Cat’ – a short one so I’ll get a fast and easy start. After that? Another book from my TBR pile 🙂

Are you participating? Which book do you plan to start the Read-a-Thon with?

Bogudvalget til forårets Read-a-Thon

Forårets Read-a-Thon-event nærmer sig, og i år kan jeg for en gangs skyld deltage hele weekenden – yay! Min læsestabel er derfor også højere end de tidligere år, men jeg tror dog ikke, jeg når alle bøgerne i løbet af de 24 timer. Jeg kan dog godt lide, at der er lidt forskelligt at vælge imellem.

I modsætning til efteråret, hvor jeg dyrker de mørke, dystre og uhyggelige bøger, så har jeg besluttet, at bøgerne til forårseventen skal være mere muntre og hyggelige. Det har jeg forsøgt ved at sammensætte følgende stabel – uden at det er blevet 100% happy-go-lucky.

‘The Guest Cat’
‘The Princess and the Goblin’
‘I Capture the Castle’
‘Good Wives’
‘Aristotle and the…’
‘Saga 4 + 5’

Har du læst en eller flere af bøgerne, og hvad synes du så fald om dem? Og hvad skal du selv læse til Read-a-Thon på lørdag?

Read-a-Thon 2015 – the Horror!


The readathon is over!
… well.. I couldn’t write this update at 2 PM, since one of my cats insisted on sleeping on my legs! So I’ve spent some more time on the couch reading – together with my two cats and my husband who joined the party! 😀

I hope you had a wonderful readathon. I managed to read almost all of the books in my pile – I started on ‘The Poison Eaters’ but haven’t finished it yet. I probably do that later today or tomorrow evening.

the nightmare factory

01:02 PM
The last hour of readathon… I’ve finished ‘The Nightmare Factory’ – unfortunately quite disappointed about it – and ate lunch. Now I’ll surf a bit an check how you’re doing and then I’ll start on my last book, ‘The Poison Eaters’.

11:51 AM
I’ve finished ‘The Exorcist’. It was alright but not overwhelming. The next book will be this graphic novel, ‘The Nightmare Factory’. I don’t know much about it but I’ve seen it on several lists over horror books that people recommend.


07:32 AM
Got a few hours of sleep and read 60 pages in ‘The Exorcist’. Now I’ll make breakfast.

How are you doing? Did you get some sleep or are you still going strong?

t w d 6

01:15 AM
I originally planned to do an update when I’ve finished ‘The Bad Seed’, but one of my cats didn’t agree and lay – happily sleeping – on my legs at that time. So I grabbed ‘The Walking Dead Book 6’ and continued reading. After a few pages my husband and our other cat joined my readathon on the couch so the whole family have now participated in the readathon! (me, my husband and our two cats).

Oh by the way – if you’re a bit scared of the two fingers on the picture, you don’t need to worry – it’s just zombie-cakes!

Now I’ll spend some time to check what others are reading right now, and after that I’ll turn the first page on ‘The Exorcist’.


08:20 PM
Taking a little break…
I’m half way through ‘The Bad Seed’, and I’m really satisfied so far. Now that’s a cunning little selfish girl…

We ordered sushi for dinner and it was very delicious. Now I’ll find something to drink and then it’s back to the book.

Just keep reading, just keep reading…

the bad seed

04:50 PM
I finished my first book, ‘Revival’, half an hour ago. A bit different from what I expected but quite interesting. I’ve spent some time checking how the other participiants are doing and now I’ll continue with my next book, ‘The Bad Seed’.

Hope you’ll having fun!


10:30 AM
Dewey’s Read-A-Thon starts at 2 PM and I’m almost ready. I did some workout early this morning and I’ve just been at the supermarket to buy groceries.

My first book will actually be a graphic novel. I’ve chosen ‘Revival’ and I’m pretty excited about it! If you want to see my pile of readathon books please see this blogpost.

I’ve also decided that for each book I’ll read during this readathon I’ll donate a book to Læs for Livet (and maybe more :)).

You can also follow me on Twitter and Goodreads during the readathon.

Are you participating? And are you ready?

The books for Dewey’s Read-A-Thon

bøger, horror, gys, gru, tegneserier

On Saturday I’ll participate in Dewey’s Read-A-Thon – a 24 hour event where people all over the world will read thousands of books! I’ve participated several times now and it’s fun (and a perfect excuse for reading a lot of books ;)).

I’ve chosen a pile of books that I want to read during the Read-A-Thon. The theme is horror – just like last year. I think that October – the Halloween month – is the perfect month for reading horror and dystopian books.

I’ve picked three graphic novels – ‘The Walking Dead Books 6’, ‘Revival 1 Deluxe Ed.’ and ‘The Nightmare Factory’. I’m especially looking forward to read the last two ones since I haven’t read anything from these authors before.

‘The Bad Seed’ should be a chilling and creepy novel and I found it on a list of horror novels that people on Goodreads recommended. On the same list ‘The Poison Eaters’ also popped up allthough I think the stories are more a dark and mysterious reading – and not that creepy.

The last one is ‘The Exorcist’. I saw the movie version many years ago and I’m a bit curious about how the book is. Now it’s time to find out!

Are you joining the event? And have you chosen which books you’re going to read?

Dewey’s Read-a-Thon Spring 2015


11:01 PM
Readathon is over – well, it is for me. I’m going to bed very soon ’cause I have to get up early tomorrow and go to work. I’m almost through ‘Summer Knight’ and hope to finish it tomorrow afternoon.

I hope you’ll have a great readathon – happy reading tonight & tomorrow!

9:02 PM
Still reading ‘Summer Knight’ and laughing from time to time. I really missed Harry and his sarcasm. I haven’t read so much as I expected since last update. I spent extra time preparing dinner with my husband but that’s okay – we had a good time. Now I’ll return to the book – I only have two hours back before the readathon ends (for me), so better spend it on reading!

Hope you’ll have a wonderful readathon!


3:57 PM
I’ve finished ‘The Slow Regard of Silent Things’, which was a disappointing experience even though my expectations were low. Oh well – can’t win ’em all. I’ll have a short break and then I’ll grab my next book, ‘Summer Night’ by Jim Butcher (I have no idea why I took a picture of the fifth book in the Dresden Files serie and not the one, I’m going to read now. Silly me!)


1:15 PM
Time for a short status. I’ve read my first book – ‘The Sandman’ – and I loved it! A really weird, absurd and fascinating sample of stories. During the reading one of our cats joined me. I’ve eaten some lunch and will now fetch the NeXT book – ‘The Slow Regard of Silent Things’.

read-a-thon 2015

Yes! It’s time for Dewey’s Read-a-Thon! I participated in April 2014 (only Saturday) and in October 2014 (full time). Unfortunately I can only participate today this year since I have other plans tomorrow, and therefore I’ve decided to ‘cheat’ and start three hours before the real event starts! Yeah, breaking the law… breaking the law…  😉

So at 11 AM today I’ll start reading, and I’ve planned to continue to 11 PM. I’ve chosen some books (see picture), and I expect to read the comic and the two shortest books… and hope to start on Stephen Kings ‘Doctor Sleep’ by the end of the day.

Are you participating? And are you ready?

Please notice – the updates during the Read-a-Thon will be in English!
I’ll also update on Twitter ( @piskeriset ) and Goodreads ( denlillebogblog ).

Read-A-Thon – October 2014

The ending 
So. Dewey’s Read-A-Thon is over. And it was great. Reading a lot of books together with hundreds of people around the world. Enjoying all the enthusiastic updates on blogs and Twitter. You guys have been great!

I haven’t finished ‘Horn’, but I’ve read around 200 pages. All in all I manages to read 1138 pages during this readathon and since I hoped to read at least 1000 pages, I’m happy about it.

I hope you had a great readathon! Are you planning to participate next year?  I am!

9.20 AM 
I finished ‘The Haunting of Hill House’ before falling asleep. It wasn’t as good as I hoped for. I couldn’t connect with the characters and the story seemed very constructed.

When I woke up I grabbed ‘A Monster Calls’ by Patrick Ness, and it didn’t disappoint me. Oh boy. Somebody just ripped my heart out. I did expect that and still… it’s a very beautiful story.

I think I’ll grap something to eat before I’ll read ‘Horn’ as my next book.

I hope you’ll have a wonderful time reading a lot of books!

1.01 AM
Still reading ‘The Haunting of Hill House’. I’m going to bed now and will continue to read there until I fall asleep.

Happy reading everyone 🙂

8.38 PM 
Just finished the Walking Dead-book. Loved it! I really have to buy the next books!!
The next book I’ll read is ‘The Haunting of Hill House’. But first – have to pet the cats. They’ve finally awaken and want attention! 😉

How about you? Read some good books so far?

6.10 PM
I’ve finished ‘The Wasp Factory’ and started on ‘The Walking Dead – book four’. I’m still a bit unsure what my opinion on ‘The Wasp Factory’ is. It’s… quite different and not exactly what I expected. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it definately has it’s own style.

I’ll think I have a short break now – maybe fetch some dinner (probably some tortitas de papa combined with avocado) before I continue reading.

1:25 PM
Dewey’s Read-A-Thon starts at 2 PM and I’m ready! I’ve chosen ‘The Wasp Factory’ to be my first book during the readathon. If you want to see my pile of readathon books please see the previous blogpost.

I’ll also update on Twitter and Goodreads.

Are you participating? And are you ready?

Read-A-Thon – de sidste forberedelser

Jeg deltager som sagt i efterårs-udgaven af Dewey’s Read-A-Thon, og jeg skrev for et par dage siden et indlæg om hvilke bøger, jeg vil læse denne gang. Men det er ikke kun bøgerne, jeg udvælger på forhånd – jeg har også gjort mig en række overvejelser i forbindelse med de praktiske forhold i forbindelse med læse-eventen.

Mad og drikke
Det siges jo, at uden mad og drikke duer helten ikke, og det samme gælder under en readathon. Det er en god idé at planlægge maden på forhånd, så man ikke skal bruge for meget tid i køkkenet. Nu har jeg også en madblog og vil derfor nyde at bruge madlavningen som et lille afbræk fra læsningen, men går du all in på læsningen, så sørg for at lave så meget som muligt på forhånd.

En af mine personlige favoritter mht. hurtig madlavning er ovenstående friske forårsruller, men har du i det hele taget brug for lidt inspiration til hurtig madlavning, så havde jeg faktisk på et tidspunkt et tema om hurtig mad i hverdagen. Du er dog også velkommen til at surfe rundt på madbloggen for at se, om der er et eller andet, der frister.

Husk at drikke nok væske under readathonen. Jeg har tænkt mig at drikke vand + cola light, og mon ikke der også bliver plads til et par kopper te ud på aftenen.

Søde sager
Der er mange, der har sørget for et solidt lager af søde sager til readathonen. Her tror jeg, at jeg holder lidt igen, for jeg har ikke brug for at snacke så meget i løbet af dagen. Men jeg finder nok lidt god chokolade frem. Til gengæld overvejer jeg at bage en kage om formiddagen, som jeg kan nyde et stykke af i løbet af eftermiddagen eller aftenen. Når du ikke at bage, inden readathonen går i gang, men får pludselig lyst til noget bagværk, så kan du prøve at lave en kopkage i mikroovnen. Her er opskrifterne på en dadelkage med karamelsauce samt en chokoladekage med kaffe og nødder.

Jamen skal vi ikke sidde stille, når vi læser? Jojo, men personligt bliver jeg bims af at sidde stille i længere tid ad gangen. Jeg har derfor tænkt mig at motionere om formiddagen, og så regner jeg med at lave nogle øvelser ca. hveranden time – for eksempel armbøjninger, mavebøjninger, små dansesessions eller hvad jeg nu finder på. Jeg ved, at andre bogbloggere, der har deltaget, også har afbrudt læsningen for at gå en tur (motion og frisk luft på samme tid – god idé). Hvis du ikke vil afbryde læsningen, kan du evt. kombinere det med en lydbog – dem kan du låne gratis via, hvis dit lokale bibliotek er med i ordningen.

Behagelige omgivelser
Sidst men ikke mindst er det vigtigt, at du får lavet en god læsezone. Hvad mener jeg med det? Sørg for at fjerne forstyrrende elementer (tændt fjernsyn, kimende telefoner m.m.) og lav et hyggehjørne i sofaen med bløde puder og/eller tæpper. Har du kat (eller katte), bliver de sikkert tiltrukket af de bløde, hyggelige omgivelser, men det gør jo ikke noget – katte er fantastiske læsepartnere!

Det er sådan cirka det. Så er det bare om at vente til lørdag, hvor Read-A-Thon går i gang. Du kan følge med i min læsning her på bloggen under hele arrangementet, og mon ikke også jeg vil være lidt aktiv på Twitter og Goodreads.

Read-A-Thon – the books!

I’m participating in Dewey’s Read-A-Thon next week – a 24 hour event where people all over the world will read lots and lots of books! I participated in April and it was so fun!
I’ve chosen a big pile of books that I want to read during the Read-A-Thon. The theme is – of course – horror! Before you faint I have to admit that I don’t plan to finish all of the books. I added the big Poe-book to the pile because:
a) it’s not possible to have a horror theme without at least one Poe short story!
b) I like to have something to choose from – especially if one of the other books disappoint me.
The books are quite different even though they all – in some way – fit into the horror theme, and I’m really looking forward to dig into the stories!
Are you joining the event? And have you chosen which books you’re going to read?

Jeg deltager i Dewey’s Read-A-Thon

The Read-a-Thon is over!
I missed the last hours of Read-a-Thon because I went to work, but I managed to read around 40 pages of ‘Danteklubben’ when I traveled by train. All in all I read around 640 pages during the Read-a-Thon – not as much as I hoped – but decent since I couldn’t participate today.

It was wonderful to be a part of the Read-a-Thon. The hype, the happiness, the reading – it made it to a special day. I hope I can be a part of it again in October – hopefully full-time.

7:12 AM 
Aaaand I’m back! I finished ‘Jagtvej 69’ a few minutes ago. That means that I have read about 600 pages so far. Now I’ll have some breakfast and then leave for work. I’ll return in the afternoon to tell how much I read of ‘Danteklubben’.

10:50 PM
The comic was pretty silly, but I smiled anyway – it was nice with some easy reading. Now I will take my fourth book, ‘Jagtvej 69’, with me to the bedroom and read for an hour or two before I fall asleep. I will probably wake early in the morning and read 1-2 hours before I get up and go to work.

Happy reading to all of you!  

9:52 PM
The sun has disappeared and I have turned on the light in the living room. I finished ‘Sole Survivor’ by Dean Koontz. I wish that I could say that I’m disappointed, but I’m not – it was  a very typical Koontz book with a far out plot and too extreme characters. Sigh.

And now for something completely different – a comic book for children! 

6:50 PM 
I’ve spent most of the afternoon in the garden with my book and enjoyed the sight of all the new tulips. So far I have read 160 pages of ‘Sole Survivor’ by Dean Koontz. It is very ‘Koontz-ish’ – lot of action, suspicions and conspiracies. I’m not overwhelmed… but it’s okay.

I think I’ll do some exercises before I eat dinner and continue reading.

How’s your reading? 

4:02 PM
I’ve finished the first book, ‘Genesis’ by Bernard Beckett. A sci-fi book that surprised me since it was far more philosophical than I expected. But it was good. Spectacular ending. As you can see one of our cats joined me in the garden – love when he does that ♥

Now I’ll take a short break before I’ll continue reading – next book will be ‘Sole Survivor’ by Dean Koontz. 

1:53 PM 
The Read-A-Thon starts at 2 PM and I’m ready to read! I’ll spend the next couple of hours in my garden wearing sunglasses while I’m reading the first book in my pile, ‘Genesis’. The sun is shining and this gonna be a great day.

Happy reading!

I dag starter Dewey’s Read-A-Thon. Klokken 14 lyder startskuddet for et helt døgn med masser af læsning, hvor hundredvis af bogorme og læseheste verden over vil læse tusindvis af sider.

Det er frivilligt, om man vil være vågen alle 24 timer. Jeg kan desværre ikke være med under hele forløbet, da jeg skal på arbejde om søndagen, men jeg håber på at få læst en masse om lørdagen – og lidt mere søndag morgen.

Deltagerne har lidt forskellige strategier mht. hvilke bøger, de vil læse i løbet af eventen. Jeg har valgt at sammensætte en stabel af bøger, som i fire ud af fem tilfælde er bøger, som jeg har haft liggende i flere år, og som jeg virkelig snart bør få læst, så jeg kan finde ud af, om de skal blive på boghylderne eller ej. Jeg har også sneget en enkelt tegneserie ind, for jeg tror, det er godt med lidt hyggelæsning ud på de sene aftentimer.

Dette indlæg opdateres løbende både lørdag og søndag, så kig forbi med jævne mellemrum og se, hvordan det går med læsningen. 

Please notice – the rest of the updates during the Read-a-Thon will be in English! 
I’ll also update on Twitter ( @piskeriset ) and Goodreads ( denlillebogblog ).

Følg med i readathon!

10.00: Readathon er ovre! Jeg nåede at læse:
‘2001’ af Arthur C. Clarke
‘Krøniker fra Mars’ af Ray Bradbury
‘Den 5. Bølge’ af Rick Yancey (havde dog læst ca. 100 sider i forvejen)
… samt ca. 80% af ‘Midt i en jazztid’ af Knud Sønderby (som jeg hørte som lydbog)

Det er jeg ganske tilfreds med, og det har været rigtig hyggeligt. Anmeldelser af de tre første bøger kommer på bloggen i løbet af de næste to uger.

Har du været med til readathon? Og hvordan gik det i så fald?

07.45: Læste 70 sider mere i ‘Den 5. Bølge’, inden jeg stod op. Nu er det tid til jordbærsmoothie og lidt morgenmad!  

01.01: Så er det ved at være sengetid for mit vedkommende. Siden sidste opdatering har jeg nået 110 sider mere af ‘Den 5. Bølge’. Jeg fortsætter læsningen i morgen tidlig, når jeg vågner. Fortsat god læsning til jer andre! 

22.50: Jeg læste ‘Krøniker fra Mars’ færdig, inden jeg kastede mig over kagebagningen, mens jeg hørte lydbog. Den er jeg nu over halvvejs i. Jeg har også nået at læse 110 sider i ‘Den 5. Bølge’, mens vores anden kat lå ovenpå mine ben! De er nu gode assistenter under en readathon 🙂 Nu holder jeg en lille pause, inden jeg fortsætter kagebagningen, mens jeg lytter til lydbog. Håber det går godt for alle jer, der også er i gang med readathon.

18.00: Er ca. halvvejs i ‘Krøniker fra Mars’ og en fjerdedel i ‘Midt i en jazztid’, som jeg hører som lydbog. Har tændt stearinlys og er pt. i gang med at lave aftensmad. Derefter vil jeg nok læse ‘Krøniker fra Mars’ færdig, inden jeg bager kager til gæsterne i morgen.

Drømmer katte om elektriske mus? 

14.53: Er færdig med ‘2001’, som var en lidt blandet læseoplevelse. Det meste af bogen var spændende, interessant og fascinerende, men slutningen var ret mærkelig. Har haft assistent i løbet af læsningen, da den ene af kattene sov ovenpå tæppet, jeg havde lagt over mine ben. Nu vil jeg finde noget cola frem og surfe lidt på nettet, inden jeg kaster mig over næste bog – ‘Krøniker fra Mars’ af Ray Bradbury.

12.42: Jeg har nu købt ind, spist frokost og læst de første 104 sider i ‘2001’ af Arthur C. Clarke. Indtil videre en lovende oplevelse.

Kl. 10.00 går den danske readathon i gang. På det tidspunkt er jeg på indkøb (!!!), men så snart jeg kommer hjem, vil jeg hive ‘2001’ af Arthur C. Clarke frem og begynde at læse. 

Hvad er en readathon?
En readathon – eller Read-a-Thon – går kort og godt ud på at læse en masse bøger i løbet af 24 timer. Så lang tid holder jeg ikke – jeg skal have gæster i morgen og har derfor både brug for noget tid til at forberede søndagsmaden samt noget søvn, så jeg ikke sidder og gaber, mens jeg har besøg, men jeg vil forsøge at læse så meget som muligt i dag – og måske også i morgen tidlig!

Vil du vide, hvordan det går i løbet af dagen, så følg med her – jeg opdaterer dette indlæg med jævne mellemrum i løbet af readathonen. Følg også hashtagget #readathondk, hvis du er på Twitter.